The Klein Commercial Story

The Team was formed as a division of Houlihan Lawrence Commercial to provide clients with a diverse range of skillsets needed in this competitive industry.  The goal was to combine over 35 years of experience and over $750 million in closed transactions with our local connections in order to develop a stronger client base and a broader offering of properties.  As a team we continue to grow in size, scope and market reach.  We utilize technology, training and talent to support our clients and our ever expanding portfolio of offerings.  Let us know how we can help you achieve your real estate goals.

What We Bring to the Deal


The Klein Commercial Team approaches each job with a client-first mentality. Each job begins with the objective of reaching one conclusion; what does this client need?  The Team takes into consideration what is important to the client. What is the end goal and what are the obstacles to getting there. In determining these parameters, the Team can then move forward to achieve a successful end result for all.


Once the goal is determined, then a targeted marketing program is put into place. The Klein Commercial Team starts with their vast internal networks of brokers and connections. The Team also analyzes comps, researches similar assets, utilizes commercial sites for optimal exposure and prepares informative and engaging materials to be dispersed to potentially interested parties. These marketing programs utilize resources such as offering memorandum, signage, premium commercial outlets, social media, email blasts and more.


The questions in commercial dealings are varied and many; from declaring a property for a 1031 exchange, to answering what does PPSF/YR mean on a lease, to what is my commercial property worth, to what is the CAP rate on that investment property, to hundreds more. The Klein Commercial Team will take the time to clearly guide you through the entire process.


The digital revolution is transforming the way the commercial real estate industry operates. Changes in trends happen at lightning speed. Our Team is up to the task of keeping clients in the know. We understand that knowledge is power and that power adds value.