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Why the Klein Commercial Team

Our competitive edge keeps us ahead of the others.


The Klein Commercial Team approaches each job with a client-first mentality; ensuring that every client receives qualified and relevant information in a timely manner.


Market study and analysis is conducted to target each client’s specific and particular needs. Marketing programs utilize a variety of platforms, including but not limited to offering memorandum, signage, commercial premium outlets, social media, email blasts and more.


The questions in commercial dealings are varied and many; from declaring a property for a 1031 exchange, to answering what does PPSF/YR mean on a lease, to what is my commercial property worth, to what is the CAP rate on that investment property, to hundreds more. The Klein Commercial Team will take the time to advise and clearly guide you through the entire process.


The digital revolution is transforming the way the commercial real estate industry operates. Changes in trends happen at lightning speed. Our Team is up to the task of keeping clients in the know. We understand that knowledge is power and that power adds value.

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